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Hello, I have been a certified/licensed massage therapist since 2003.  I graduated from the Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach and have returned several times to continue my studies. I realized early on in my career that I preferred working in a clinical setting and wanted to dedicate myself to helping clients alleviate acute and/or chronic pain symptoms.  Almost 15 years later, I consider myself very blessed to still be doing what I love!  I have partnered with some outstanding chiropractors, physical therapists and orthopedic physicians. I have taken 100’s of hours of continuing education, but it is with gratitude that I attribute my experience and knowledge to the 10,000+ clients/patients that I have had the privilege of having on my table.

In 2011, I obtained my certification to practice Medical Massage and also hold certificates in Oncology, Prenatal, and Thai Yoga Massage.  I have worked with clients of all ages and in various states of health.  Some of the common pain issues and ailments that I see regularly are: neck/shoulder strains/impingements, low back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, headaches/migraines, fibromyalgia and cancer. I believe in an integrative approach and most importantly, for my clients to be relaxed and comfortable during their treatments while providing consistent feedback to achieve the best results.

My passion is two fold: first and foremost my goal is to help you become pain free as quickly as possible, or in some cases, help to best manage it to improve your quality of life; and secondly for you to take ownership of your healing process by establishing mind/body awareness, and practicing healthier lifestyle habits to guide you towards optimal wellness.

If you are experiencing muscular pain or associated symptoms, I invite you to try medical massage.  I look forward to working with you!